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Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

Liberty Safe Lincoln Series safes are BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before! With it's 90 minutes of Fire Protection and incredible Security Features, it is no wonder the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe by Sportsman throughout the country. Lincoln safes also include Liberty's sleek 5-point Handle, 12 Color options, Clearview Lights, and beautiful Upgraded Interiors.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,449
Payments starting as low as $55.71 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! OAC

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 291 customers ratings and reviews

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Lincoln has always been one of my favorites
written by R. King on January 15, 2018
The antique gloss on the Lincoln is beautiful and it is equally matched by the interior. Love the features on this safe especially the fire protection and lifetime warranty. Made in the USA! Semper Fi

Lincoln Safe
written by Ryan on January 2, 2018
Purchase this safe when I moved into my new home. Love the safe and the textured bronze finish. As a reminder with any safe with the power outlet accessory, leave enough room behind the safe and wall to plug in future wires ( data, usb or safe alert antenna). It's a real pain after it's been anchored to the floor. Other than that this safe is amazing and love all the different shelving options you can create. Worth the money!

Lincoln 25
written by 911Sicilian on January 1, 2018
I purchased Lincoln 25 At local Liberty Retailer in San Jose. Staff was really knowledgeable and had great customer service. I just received my safe the day after Christmas. The delivery staff was also great. I would recommend Liberty Safe.

Great price for the quality, and made in the USA!
written by LVHNTMT on December 27, 2017
The Liberty Lincoln 50 is very hard to beat. The quality and finish on this safe is great. I shopped for a year before choosing this safe. Their wide selection of safes made it easy to get exactly what I wanted and needed. I wanted a good fire rating, large for future needs, quality construction, and made in the USA! This safe has it all. Absolutely no misgivings about this purchase and I would recommend Liberty Safe in the future.

First time Buyer
written by Jason on December 25, 2017
We paid additional for the D-Drive lock and it seems it is loosely fitted, though it would feel more like a permanent fixture.

Great Safe!
written by P & D V on December 20, 2017
Looks like a great safe, safe. Made in America is very important to me. Quality and warranty are very important to me. I like dealing with companies that have been in business a long time and have a great customer service attitude and program.

Excellent High Quanlity Company
written by Ninerbod on December 5, 2017

A pleasant consumer experience
written by Mike From Cobb on November 29, 2017
After a devastating wildland fire in Northern California in which many homeowners lost everything including their safes and contents, I was appalled to find that my safe manufacturer Sportsman Steel Safe Co. would not honor my replacement warranty because all my records had been lost, in their safe. After extensive research through my credit card company,I was able to determine the date purchased and price as the safe co. could not do so. I was told their records only went back two years. My neighbor had lost his Liberty safe in the massive fire but had no problem receiving a replacement. Upon his decision to move out of country, I was offered an opportunity to purchase his new safe which I jumped on partly because I was in the market but also because of his excellent dealings with Liberty. I love the safe's layout and quality ease of operation. I have and will continue to recommend Liberty safes to all my friends. It is beautiful and my wife is pleased to have it in our new home.

Best available safe.
written by Dick Williams on November 24, 2017
I researched safes endlessly including several different retailers. Liberty Safes of West Sacramento was perhaps the best shopping experience I have ever experienced. I talked with different sales staff and their answers were consistently precise, straight forward and understandable. I am very happy with my purchase and would do it again exactly the same if need be. Dick Williams, Sacramento

Reilly review
written by New Nevada resident on November 22, 2017
Very good product. All guns fit inside the safe. Very functional and provides safety and security for my weapons and important financial and legal documents.

Great safe
written by kf on November 18, 2017
Great looking, great function; great safe

written by Sonny on October 24, 2017

Lincoln Series only way to go!!
written by Beto Q. on October 8, 2017
Always knew it would be a Lincoln Safe to house our collection, after deciding to "just go and check them out" we went all in and purchased!! Spoke with Andy he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the safe we wanted, answered all of our questions and we were in and out.. Its a badass addition to not just "house" but also compliment our collection... Thanks for the help, we are very happy & satisfied customers... We highly recommend Liberty Safe as the "go to" for any purchases of that kind.

Best safes period
written by DLYT on October 4, 2017
You get what you pay for! Highly recommend to anyone that has guns and valuables that need to be kept safe. Only safe brand I trust.

Liberty delivers!
written by haim chapaev on September 27, 2017
Again we bought liberty safe lincoln model. we just love it.

Texas Tea
written by Texas Tea on September 19, 2017
Great safe, glad I bought it.

Highly recommend Liberty Safes.
written by Bill McGee on September 17, 2017
Liberty Safes have a reputation for being the best safes around. I would have to agree. They offer so much selection as far as sizes, exterior colors and accessories. Not only am I very satisfied with the security of the safe but it's very nice looking and will fit in anywhere one decides to put it. The retailer I dealt with was very profession and easy to work with. They took great care delivering the safe and setting it up in my home and offering instruction on how to operate it. So glad I went with Liberty Safe.

Liberty safes rock
written by Chris P. Bacon on September 7, 2017
Our Liberty safe was installed today and it is one solid, made in the USA safe. What do I like about it? Pretty much everything. I originally wanted the combination lock, but it came with the direct-drive electronic lock so I decided to keep that lock, and I am glad I did. The shelving inside the safe is very flexible so you can configure it anyway you wish. The lighting inside the safe as well as the electrical outlet are also nice touches. All in all, I am glad that I purchased a Liberty safe.

Inside needs work, everything else flawless.
written by Hollywood on September 2, 2017
Great Safe. Solid Reputation. The inside though could use a little more work and quality control especially for for the price I paid and financed.

From online building, ordering, financing application, in store E Doc signing, waiting for the safe to be built and shipped, to waiting for the phone call to up a delivery date for home install. Flawless process. Liberty is King.

The interior of the Lincoln 35 Safe received was, well. . It could have been a lot better. Saw dust on all the shelves , not the biggest deal, I just used a hand vacuum to clean it up. The Pegs for the shelving are a little tough to move (use a pair of pliers and you should be fine)

Overall the process of getting this safe was painless. Great experience. I do recommend them.

I just can't promise the interior quality from experience. Everything else is 1st in Class.

liberty safes
written by Twain Clemens on August 31, 2017

Awesome safe. Well worth the money. Sleep and leave your house e
written by N.R. on August 23, 2017

Liberty Lincoln 25
written by David J on August 20, 2017
Love this safe to the point that I'm thinking of getting a second one thats bigger. Great organization sleeves on the door for handguns and important documents as well as drawers for jewelry and of course racks for rifles. With LED lighting and a dehumidifier this safe feels more inviting than the ones I remember as a kid. This is definitely something that every responsible adult should invest in.

Excellent RSC and service
written by The Flying Mouse on August 17, 2017
The Lincoln 50 has more than enough space for us to grow into over the years and the construction quality is top notch. The door swings nicely, and all of the controls feel solid and smooth. (There is a noticeable improvement in feel when compared to the Franklin we tried in the store.)

The included ethernet kit was a large part of our purchase decision because we intend to run a NAS inside the safe to protect our computer backups from fire. No other brand we looked at offered this feature, and we did not want to risk fire penetrating the skin through a hole we would otherwise have to drill.

Highly recommended. The folks at Liberty Safes of San Jose (CA) were great to work with.

Beautiful, high quality safe!
written by Slayton on August 11, 2017
Very impressed with everything about our Liberty LX25. We spent a month looking at safes, reading articles and blogs to help decide where we wanted to spend our money. We figured a safe of this caliber would only be purchased once in a lifetime. Our experience with the retailer and customer service of Liberty Safes was unparalleled. Highly recommended quality safe!

Great safe
written by Duck hunter on July 25, 2017
I just recieved this safe today so I can comment on the longevity of it but from an visual perspective the safe is very attractive with plent of space. It adds some peace of mind, hope it never gets put to the test.

Lincoln Safe
written by Travis T. on July 22, 2017
I was actually looking at the Colonial and Frnaklin but found with the Memorial Day sale going on the Lincoln was the best value with a 12 month 0% option, lights, dehumidifier, and door organizer included. The fit and finish on this safe far exceded my expectations. I went with the S and G lock, it is very nice, I originally was set on a dial but that passed quickly after using the dial a few times in the showroom, preference of course. The staff in the showroom were knowledgable and able to answer all of my concerns. I highly recommend this safe. I got the 35, one size up from what i needed but the extra room is very welcomed. I can't say enough good things about the customer service and delivery team who installed my best purchase year to date. my only regret is I didn't buy this safe 10 years ago.

Best safe in the world ..... Period!
written by Kafu on July 19, 2017
I had different safes, but this safe will stay in my family for many generations. Buy this product made in USA.

Outstanding protection
written by BrianC on July 14, 2017
This thing is beast! Love the size and the functionality of the interior. Everyone told me to buy bigger than I needed, glad I did and very glad I went to a quality place like Liberty Safes!

Lincoln LX50
written by Charlie on June 17, 2017
Wonderful safe, great customer service. Don't think, just buy.

Price for Product ... Good Choice
written by SDH on June 16, 2017
I did tons and tons of hours of research before I made my choice. I am not rich, but I am not poor either. What I wanted was the best product for my money and while sleeping well at night, knowing that if something happened to me, my family and investments to my family would be good.
End of story ... Yes there was more spectacular safes/vaults that costed 10K+ ... I almost bought one .. But for what I had invested to put into my safe and the reality of what could happen to my valuables in my safe, I could not beat the safety, pricing and warranty of my Liberty Lincoln 50. I am completely happy with my purchase and am finally resting well after years of not making a decision on protection things that are so important to me.
Thank you Liberty for making such a safe and trusted product that is affordable any financeable.

Looking for a safe? Look Liberty
written by zombiesmeal on June 14, 2017
First safe brand i looked into and no regrets. Beautiful safe , more than enough storage for my collection. Love it.

Great safe!
written by John B. on June 13, 2017
Just took delivery of my Lincoln 50. It's huge. Have more room than I know what to do with. Guess that's a good problem to have. Definitely go with a bigger safe than you need. Worth it in the long run. Really happy with the new safe and best of all it's made in the USA!

Good Safe
written by Indy on June 5, 2017
This is the second safe I have purchased from Liberty. Both safes are great.

Love our safe
written by Mike and Lydia on June 2, 2017
It has been a great safe so far and looks fantastic. Staff at Sacramento Liberty store very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. 2 guys who delivered, installed, and mounted to the floor were very friendly and accommodating getting our safe into a tight spot.

Thank you very much

Lincoln 25
written by Steven lacoste on May 27, 2017
This is my second liberty safe. My first was the Franklin 50, my new one is The Lincoln 25. They are both beautiful and fantastic safes. I still have the first one and love it. You can't beat a liberty safe. Go watch the torture test online. Plus the warranty. I won't buy any other brand of safe.

written by JH on May 25, 2017

Money well spent
written by breddman on May 23, 2017
Worth every penny.

written by Dave on May 18, 2017

written by SCALLYWAG on May 10, 2017

Liberty Safe of
written by I am not interested in receiving any calls or being on any eMail on May 4, 2017
I went to the store twice, once I spoke with a young lady, and the second time man, maybe fiftyish. I was very impressed by their knowledge, and they were very helpful.

Badass safe! Top quality
written by NorCals finest. on April 28, 2017
I ended up choosing model with the gray gloss finish and dial lock.

The quality of the safe is top notch if you want the best you got a pay to play. I know I could've gone with other options but Buying something made in China was just not an option

I would recommend the safe to anyone and everyone. Oh yeah and did I mention it looks beautiful!

Good value
written by Boomer on April 19, 2017
This safe seems to have it all. A good fire rating, good capacity, and a good value!

written by bad ass safe on April 12, 2017

Excellent safe and excellent service
written by Eric on March 26, 2017

Liberty Lincoln # 2
written by Deadeye Sal on March 25, 2017
This is our second Liberty Lincoln safe. It has few upgraded features over our first one that we appreciate. The quality of these safes are excellent and we would recommend them to anyone who is in the market for one. Made in the USA! What else could you ask for.

My little brother bought his before me.
written by David Littman on March 25, 2017
My little brother brought his before me.

Outstanding quality huge number of features that makes the safe harder to break into the fire protection is excellent. Here's ago and selected the safe before I could get it done purchased one I was extremely happy with it. We recently moved between states and started them is it his self he is going to be ecstatic to get some more room in his now that I have an excellent large reconfigurable safe.

Lincoln 25 Received
written by 1SickRN on March 17, 2017
Near perfect. Only a couple blemishes I hope Liberty Safe will take of. The black chrome is already peeling on the Suretight handle, and the deluxe door panel has a lot of white power residue that's difficult to remove. Otherwise, it looks and works just fine. It would've been nice of them to check for these blemishes prior to delivery, especially on something that costs a couple grand

Great Safe at a Great Price!
written by E on March 17, 2017
This is one of the best safes I looked at and it blew the doors of almost all of the competition out there. The only safes that competed on features and quality lost out on price.

The finish, inside and out, is excellent and the thing is SOLID. The 90 minute fire rating should be more than enough for any foreseeable emergency.

The flexible interior is great and can be set up for almost any combination of long guns, pistols, ammo and other valuables.

I love the D-Drive and being able to unlock the safe, go in and out, and then re-lock when done is perfect.

All in all I'm very happy with my purchase!

Highly Recommended
written by Matt on February 27, 2017
High quality Lincoln safe. Highly recommend.

Happy Safe--Happy Wife
written by Jerry on February 26, 2017

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